Symposium November 29th at 13:30 in the Aula of the VU Main Building

This symposium will have a broad scope summarizing the existing state of the art in the effects of psychotherapy for adult depression and focusing on the application of e-health in primary care and in universities.

Ms. Eirini Karyotaki, VU University Amsterdam, will close the symposium by defending her thesis: Innovations in Mental health care for adult depression: Results of a series of meta-analyses. This thesis aimed at providing recommendations for improving the mental health care of adult depression by reviewing existing research evidence. It consists of a series of conventional and individual patient data systematic reviews and meta-analyses that were conducted in an effort to expand the current knowledge on the short and long-term outcomes of psychotherapy, its costs, adherence and negative effects. More specifically, this thesis focused on long-term effects of psychotherapy alone or in combination with antidepressants, the effects of psychotherapy in low- and middle-income countries and on economic evidence for the clinical management of major depression. Further, a special attention was placed on Internet-based interventions as these interventions have the potential to overcome many treatment barriers and increase psychotherapy accessibility and availability.

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