The fourth E-Compared consortium meeting was held in Paris from 3rd till 4th of November. After a year of impressive efforts, E-Compared trial partners have made a considerable progress in recruitment and data collection. To date 780 individuals with major depression have been recruited making the E-Compared the largest project of blended care that has been conducted so far.

Well focused
Having participated in all previous E-Compared consortium meetings, I’ve found the meeting in Paris to be one of the most productive and well focused.
Following the work packages progress update, discussion on specific topics took place. These topics included data cleaning, closure of data files, data availability and accessibility, pending deliverables, scientific publication issues and the adding value of business case analysis.

Feedback for the final phase
Two independent experts, David Mohr and David McDaid, attended the meeting and gave constructive feedback for the final phase of the project. The experts advised the partners to think of cultural, linguistic and health care system diversity between the countries, ecological momentary assessment (EMA) patterns of response, intervention diversity, generic economical models appropriateness and issues related to upscaling, such as software development cost.

Dissemination of the results
As the project is nearing its completion, the focus will be given on the dissemination of the results to various stakeholders. This effort is of high importance thus; different activities will take place in all participating countries to ensure successful dissemination.

Final Consortium meeting
Having seen all project phases from its infancy to maturity, I must admit that my feelings were mixed in Paris. On the one hand, it is great to see that the efforts of the last 2,5 years are now delivering results but on the other hand this interesting endeavour reaches its end. I am looking forward to the results and to the final Consortium meeting in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland in June 2017.