Save the date: E-Mental-Health Implementation

E-Mental-Health Implementation: The digital revolution in mental healthcare

Monday, June, 11th 2018 I 12.00–16.00 h
Haus der Universität Düsseldorf | Schadowplatz 14| 40212 Düsseldorf | Germany

E-mental health has proven its potential: patient empowerment, cost-effectiveness, independency of time and place are only some of its benefits. All over Europe, national and transnational initiatives, research projects or networks are evolving. However, the implementation of e-mental health in routine care in Germany is proceeding slowly. Frameworks which ensure and enhance successful implementation of high quality and safe e-mental health applications are missing. Designs for sustainable implementation into real-world settings are required.

How can these implementation challenges of e-mental health be mastered? What are admission requirements for the healthcare market in Germany? What is needed to bridge the gap between research and practice? How can quality and safety of e-mental health applications be ensured? And what are best practice examples?

These topics and questions around the use of digital applications in mental healthcare will be targeted at our event on June, 11th 2018, in Düsseldorf. We cordially invite you to join us for an interesting day of talks and discussions. We expect participants from the areas of health care, science, politics and development. The seminar is free of charge – registration in advance is required. Please register online at A detailed programme and location plan will be provided soon. A certification according to the German CME system has been applied for.