The main goal of eMEN is to develop a first-of-its-kind EU EU-wide platform for e-mental health innovation and implementation will be formed by private and public partners in North West Europe. Project partners are key stakeholders in the field of e-mental health and have a broad EU network. The project is founded by the Interreg North West Europe programme.

Each year almost 165 million, or 38%, of people in the EU experience a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Mental ill health presents a huge and growing economic and social burden for society, accounting for 20% of the disease burden.

Innovative and high-quality e-mental health plays an important role in tackling this societal challenge. However, due to specific challenges, there are large regional differences with regard to the use of e-mental health products, for prevention and treatment.

The average use across the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Belgium and Ireland is now 8%, which is low compared to other healthcare sectors; with the lowest use in FR (less than 1%) and the highest in the Netherlands (15%). Unmet needs are also high, with an EU average of 6.8%. At the end of the project, the average use of e-mental health products will have increased by 7%, to 15%. This directly contributes to the region’s economic performance and innovation capacity: reducing healthcare costs, better care and access to prevention and treatment and increased growth of eHealth SMEs.

Main project outputs:

  • At least 15 SMEs supported
  • 5 e-mental health products developed: view the product showcase.
  • 1 quality-test method
  • 1 transnational policy solution.
  • Five years after the project ends, the average use of e-mental health products in all partner countries combined will have increased to at least 25% (with more than 40% in the Netherlands and more than 10% in FR).
  • An average reduction of unmet needs: up to 2%.
  • Ten years after the project ends, the average e-mental health use have will increased to about 60%, with an average reduction of unmet needs of up to 4%.
  • During this period a growth of 5-10% of e-Health SMEs is expected and mental health costs savings of up to 10% in

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